Do you need a legionella risk assessment?

Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal condition contracted by inhaling small droplets of water containing the legionella bacteria. Certain environmental conditions increase the risk of legionella growth, including water tanks, cooling towers, and water temperatures between 20° and 45° C.

Under UK health and safety law, including the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, every business or person in control of premises is required to carry out a regular legionella risk assessment to identify possible sources of legionella in their building, and take action to control the risk if necessary.

Corrective remedial action for legionella control

If you’ve carried out a legionella risk assessment or legionella testing and found that precautionary or remedial measures are necessary, Deakin’s offer a full range of corrective remedial actions and water treatment services to control the legionella risk on your premises.

Depending on the results of your legionella risk assessment (which should be repeated on a regular basis), the legionella control measures your business needs may vary. Deakin’s trained engineers can help you fix or replace damaged and underperforming equipment, clean your water system, make any necessary calorifier amendments, and deliver any other water treatment services required for the control of legionella and other bacteria.

Legionella Services We Provide:

  • Legionella Risk Assessments (WRA)

  • Legionella Controll & Treatment

  • Water Analytics 

  • Water Hygiene Services

  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve Servicing (TMV)

  • Dead Leg Removal

  • Water Chlorination & Disinfection

  • Water Tank Repair / Replacement 


Martin Deakin
Managing Director

“Legionella Compliance has fast become a core division of our business following government awareness campaigns. We have invested heavily in training, equipment and setting policies enabling us to become a one stop company for clients and their maintenance needs.”

Deakin’s, Ensuring Your Business’s Legionella Compliance

When choosing a specialist Legionella Company rest assured that Deakin’s comprehensive training policies set our operatives ahead of our competitors.